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If You Own or Owned a Property in Clark County, NV That Contains High Zinc Content Brass Plumbing Products
You Could Benefit From a Settlement

Case Update:  
The Court approved the Settlement on November 16, 2015The Effective Date is December 16, 2015

Claims for Past Property Damage must be postmarked no later than November 16, 2016

Claims for Future Damage or Low Flow must be filed within twelve months after the occurrence. 


There is a Settlement in a class action lawsuit filed against Uponor and certain developers/builders, subcontractors, and distributors/suppliers.  The lawsuit claims that Uponor’s high zinc content brass plumbing fittings and components are defective and prematurely corrode (or break down).  

There are several ways to find out if your home has these plumbing products.
All eligible property owners will receive an extended, enhanced warranty on the Uponor Yellow Brass Fittings that provides benefits for certain property damage, such as leaks or flow problems.  This includes reimbursement for past repairs and repairs that become necessary in the future.


The timing to file a claim varies.  However, if you previously had property damage, you need to file a claim by 11/16/2016.  For future property damage, you will need to file a claim within 12 months after the damage occurs. The claims period will run for eight years from when the Settlement is approved.  Additional details are in the Settlement Agreement.

You should review the following documents:



Please do not contact Uponor, the Other Defendants, or the Court with questions about the Settlement. Any and all callers will be directed to this website. If you have questions, please refer to the Commonly Asked Questions and the other information posted here or contact the Settlement Administrator by calling 1-888-227-9828 or by writing to Nevada Uponor Settlement, PO Box 2276, Faribault MN 55021-2397.

This site is not operated by Uponor and/or the Other Defendants. The class action is supervised by the Court and is administered by an administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing. Uponor and/or the Other Defendants are not authorized to respond to questions from members of the Settlement Class regarding the Settlement.

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