If You Own or Owned Property in the US
That Contains High Zinc Content Brass
Plumbing Products

You Could Benefit From Class Action Settlements

If your home, non-residential property, or the common area of your home or property contains Uponor brand fittings and plumbing components made of high zinc content brass, you may be eligible for benefits from Class Action Settlements.

Eligible property owners can receive benefits for certain property damage, such as leaks or flow problems. This includes reimbursement for past repairs and repairs that become necessary in the future.

You may have received a summary notice of this Settlement by mail or publication.

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Update: If your property is located in Las Vegas and you received a postcard marked "Supplemental Notice" in the mail, click here.

If your property is located outside of Las Vegas, click here.

If your property is located in Las Vegas, click here.